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Dear Agawam Voters,

I'm asking you for the opportunity to serve as your councilman. It's more important than ever before
to have a representative that's familiar with town leadership and the process on how to get things done.

There are many reasons why I want to be your councilman. As you can see, my roots are deep here
and I have a real appreciation for the history of our town. That said, we are facing important issues that
will shape the future of tomorrow. The concerns for most us are really quite similar. Safety and security
for our retirement years.

Good schools and opportunities for our children. Clean air and water. A prudent development
of our town so we ensure our quality of life. I want to be part of an effective and compassionate
government that looks honestly at the issues and does the fair and right things for all of us .
I ask you to please consider me for your next councilman. I'll do my very best to address all
the voters concerns to the best of my ability.


Robert A. Magovern