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One of my great interests is the study of history. I am fascinated by the WHY and HOW this country, this town.
has developed as it has. My father, born in Ireland came to this country at the age of 13. My mother's family settled in in Agawam in early 1700's. My roots are deep here in Agawam.


Born and raised here in Agawam. I attend and graduated from our Agawam high school. I continued my business interests and received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Boston University. After graduating I worked for The Magovern Co. Inc. until I started my own business, Neighbor to Neighbor of America Inc, which I have operated for the past 25 years.123  I married my wife Margaret (Peggy) and raised two children James Magovern
and Carrie Salzer. (Two grandchildren Emily Kate Salzer & James Stephen Salzer).

Over the years I've worked with and developed relationships with many politicians. Governors Weld, Celluci, Swift and Romney and countless national, state and locals representatives.

My appreciation of education stems from my family. My grandmother, mother and sister were or are currently school teachers. I was appointed to the Board of Trustees of Westfield State College by the Governor of Massachusetts also demonstrates my respect and appreciation for the schools and the educators.

While I was President of the Agawam City Council I initiated the forming of the "Financial Oversight Committee”, the Industrial Relations Committee, the Recreation Committee which worked closely with Six Flags Corp for the development of Six Flags and along with many other business and civic initiatives. I mentioned only a few of the issues and committees I've been participated on. I would like to say however that I do have a record to run on.

  • Graduate of Agawam High School
  • Dean Jr. College Associates Degree
  • Boston University: Bachelor of Science in Business Adnministration
  • Father of two children, James Magovern and Carrie Salzer.
    (Two grandchildren Emily Kate Salzer & James Stephen Salzer)
  • Married to Margaret Magovern
  • Lived in Westport Ct and very active in the community civic and political groups
  • Worked for The Magovern Co Inc. as Vice President District manager of the NY & CT territories.
  • Purchased a new resident welcoming service in 1975 based in lower CT.
  • Expanded the welcoming service and started Neighbor to Neighbor of American Inc.Chairman of the
  • Longmeadow Bicentennial Committee, which helped activities for an entire year, which included the Springfield Symphony holding an outside concert for over 10,000. Served as Chairman of the Longmeadow
  • Republican Town Committee.
  • Returned to Agawam and have been active in town politics and civic groups.
  • Member of the Agawam Historical Association
  • Served on the Agawam Conservation Commission
  • Elected four times to the Agawam City Council
  • Served as President of the City Council
    Servered as Vice president of the City Council
  • Member of Agawam Republican Town Committee
  • Member of the Agawam Rotary Club served as President 2007-2008
  • Member of Temple Lodge #65 Westport Ct Past Master
  • Elected Member of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee
  • Founding Governor of the Society of the 17th Century a local group that portrays the history of the early period of New England.
  • Founding member of the Agawam St Patrick's committeeMember of the Board of Trustees of Westfield State College elected Vice Chairman
  • President of the Dickinson Family Association. A family association founded in 1859.

Biography : Born & Raised in Agawam